Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photos/ Maps of South End.... April 2014

The South End

We lost essentially all of the area we call “the front.”

2014 Nesting as of April 25
The posting perimeter shows last year’s posting (we will send an updated map), but this is the current state of nesting at the south end. Note the four pairs of oystercatchers. The numbering of the nests is from when we were numbering scrapes; the two nests are in scrapes 1 and 5.

Dredging Before and After

With 2013’s nesting for context, this is roughly what happened to the beach. Green outline is Least Tern colony, orange outline is Black Skimmer colony, blue dots are oystercatcher nests, red dots are Common Tern nests, purple dot is Gull-billed Tern nest, and gray dot is Willet nest.

How to See Pair 5 on the Nest

Pair 5, which produced the first egg, can be seen from the sound side. If you stand next to the Be a Winner Save the Skimmers sign and look east, you’ll see a row of grassy dunes. The nest is on top of the third dune from the left. When a parent is incubating, it will be visible.