Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The "Other Side" of the Masonboro Island Fourth of July party

Even though this morning's headlines read "Several thousand people celebrated the Fourth of July on and around Masonboro Island" life for the Wrightsville Beach Bird Stewards and the birds was relatively uneventful.  Other than an occasional drenching from popup rainstorms and one portable boat that almost blew into the colony it was a quiet day.

Here are some pictures of what was happening on the other side of the Masonboro Island party.

Newly hatched least tern chick already trying its wings
Some Least Terns can be seen "renesting" after their first nest failed.

a newly hatched Least Tern

a proud pair of Least Tern parents
Can you find the chick?

a family portrait 
Black Skimmer chicks are growing quickly

Black Skimmer chick trying out its wings
Black Skimmer chick ready to fly
Can you find the Black Skimmer chick?

Common Tern watching over the colony

Common Tern chick venturing out of its hiding place in the vegetation

close up of Common Tern chick and an egg

Common Tern parent coming in for a landing

Common Tern family

Several rainbows appeared throughout the day
Black Skimmers reaction to a portable boat almost blowing into the colony.
They settled back down quickly.

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